His First Huge Cock Episode 215
Model Name(s): Jaime Gold
Jamie is down right giddy with anticipation when he finds out we've hooked him up with our two good friends, Orlando and Shane, otherwise know as Length and Girth!!! Don't miss this dance major's great performance starting with a striptease in act 1, a dick tease in 2, and a dos-a-dos is his ass when he takes them both on.

His First Huge Cock Episode 214
Model Name(s): Deano Valentine
Brad and Daniel may not have exactly made a love connection online, but they certainly made a lust connection. Now that they've fooled around in person they're ready to turn up the spice with a third! But will they be able to find someone daring enough to take on both of their HUGE COCKS? Tune and find out just how hard a bargain they drive....

His First Huge Cock Episode 213
Model Name(s): Rich Wrangler
Much like his gym built muscles, Rich's man meat has impressive girth, but it still doesn't compare to the Kilbasas we're gonna grill his buns with! In preparation for our feast, we marinade each others meat with plenty of warm spit, then Rich tosses our salads just before we skewer him like a mouth watering shishkabob!

His First Huge Cock Episode 212
Model Name(s): Nick Ford
Nick works out often and has the body to prove it. Once Sam and Johnny get a look at Nick's six pack they can't contain themselves any longer and once Nick gets a look at the two huge cocks being offered neither can he! Temperatures rise on this chilly winter day as Nick gets a workout that will have him cumming back for more!

His First Huge Cock Episode 211
Model Name(s): Jaymz
Jaymz is in a monogamous relationship because that's what his boyfriend wants but he often thinks about being promiscuous. After all, he's a spring chicken who shouldn't get cooped up so early. He's bigger than anyone he's ever been with so when we offered to show him what it's like on the receiving end of a HUGE COCK he just couldn't refuse.

His First Huge Cock Episode 210
Model Name(s): Michael Angelo
Caught in a blizzard, we thought it was the perfect day to stay inside and keep warm, our favorite way, by getting hot and bothered... We enticed Angelo with an cup of coco but first we're going to have to take a dip in the fudge pot before topping him off with a couple dollops of our sweet cream.

His First Huge Cock Episode 209
Model Name(s): Jayce
Typically it's the money that gets our boy toys to stay for a, well... let's just say, for a more 'in depth' interview. But Jayce is a true cock connoisseur who just couldn't pass up the chance to play with two real, real BIG COCKS. Even with the discount he gets working in an adult store, these will be much more than he's ever had before!

His First Huge Cock Episode 208
Model Name(s): Santiago
Grab your longboard Santiago because you're about to get hit with tidal waves of pleasure and pain. One look at his hot Central American bronzed beach bod and we were catching swells. We drove our 'Woodies' up to his reef and dropped in for some tight tube riding. Don't forget your wet suit because there's going to be lots of ocean spray after we hang 10... Inches!

His First Huge Cock Episode 207
Model Name(s): Shawn
It's not his first cock, but it's gonna feel like it! After being with a woman for the last year and a half, we're gonna bake this bi-boy's back side with our potato sized cocks. He says that she like his butt, and so do we! Now our only question is.... Will she learn to like strap-ons enough to make him stay?

His First Huge Cock Episode 206
Model Name(s): Karibu
All the way from East Africa, Karibu traveled halfway across the world for scholarly pursuits. 'You can't work all of the time though' he told us just before we offered to help him unwind with a carnal cock-tale. Hope Karibu brought his appetite because around here, we only serve JUMBO COCKS.