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The Lees & The Delatossos

In this episode of Wife Switch a simple apology over an injured animal brings the Lees & the Delatossos together more than ever before. After gifts and apologies are exchanged the couples decide not to stop there! Instead they pay homage to their hurt canine friend by marking new territory on each others' wives in this four-way doggy style gangbang! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Irelands & The Lamours

Let's play a game of musical cock! Put on this blindfold, and when the music stops, suck whatever thick dick is in front of you! It really is all fun and games when the Irelands and the Lamours decide to swap spouses...these four porn pros have no problem trading one hot partner for another in a balls out interracial four-way that leaves cunning Kylie and sexy Lexi drenched in cum! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Chivas & The Johnsons

It's always the wives that get things started when two curious couples decided to swap spouses and become a foursome of fuck friends! Mia and Sue swap spit and get to know every inch of each other's hot bodies before they swap hubbies and get their vertical smiles ferociously fucked by two colossal man-cudgels! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Stones & The Knights

There is nothing quite like swapping spouses...the awkward introductions, the moments of excited anticipation...pounding the fuck out of someone other guy's wife! Alec can't wait to dip his man-wick into Evan's blonde bombshell wife, Cayden...while Evan's is chomping at the bit to plunge his mammoth meat monster between Alec's wife Gianna's HUGE TITS! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Lopez's & The Hills

The Lopez's and the Hills are just plain done with fucking the same person...seriously, the same cock in the same pussy all the time...how fucking dull is that?! Well it looks like swapping spouses is just what this fuck-fatigued foursome needed, because Beverly and Luscious are chugging down cock like it's the nectar of life and Danny and Christian can't wait to split the slit of the other guy's wife with their big boners! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Edwards & The Bangkoks

When the Bangkok's had the Edwards' over for some wine and hors d'oeuvres, their guests were instantly drawn to Rosario, the household help. Shyness was an issue at first, but after knocking back a little wine, Rosario got into the swing of things and gave it up to her employers and their kinky pals, joining in for a five-way fuckfest! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Brooks & The Kais

A little spat between neighbors turns into a wife switching slamfest as The Brooks and the Kaises swap wives for a little fence mending and a whole lot of pussy pounding. This four-way spouse exchange trades in verbal barbs for sweet, wet pussy in a tense hardcore fuck fry up that boils over in the cum-drenched finale! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Swiss & The Michaels

When the Michaels checked into the swingers resort for some vacation fun, it didn't take long to find a couple they were interested in. Madelyn made the first move, talking Chelsea into giving Sean's big black dick a ride. Chris was fine with that, because he got to plow Madelyn's tight pussy in return. Talk about a win-win situation! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Whites & The Paiges

Kayla and Will came over to stay for the weekend causing all kinds of trouble for Dean who just wants to get some work done. All this changes when Dean catches Kayla sunbathing and wanting some cock. The other two catch them in the act and decide to get even. Cum on in to see how these horny couples fuck it out! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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The Hunters & The Talons

A busty blonde for a busty brunette seemed like an even trade to the Hunters and the Talons, so the husbands naturally swapped one horny housewife for another in a four-way fuck-frenzy that ends with the two sexy sluts face to face in a contorting cum-drenched climax! See full-length episode at wifeswitch.com.

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